You have reached the page wherein I live. You have reached the core of my writing world, for without projects there is no today and no tomorrow. Projects are ongoing, and they dominate my life. They are in constant query, which means constant change and growth. The main ones are the books, and everything else breathes life from them.

The three major book projects include:

  • Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway
    – Eighteen-sixties Colorado Territory. Cultures in conflict. This is a story of people, expansion, conquest, fear, love, survival. It is a story of people carving out a new world; it is a story of people struggling to preserve their religion, land, and lifeway; it is a story of people caught between two worlds; finally it is a story of people who challenge their world. It is a story of life, and ultimately disaster. It is a story that is as alive today as it was in the 1860s. This isn’t a story of villains or victims; rather it is a story of people, it is a story that will live for all time
  • Errol & Olivia
    – This dual biography follows the life and times of Errol Flynn and Olivia de

    Havilland as they arrive in Hollywood during the 1930s, become a magical screen couple, see film careers soar, experience events that affect and drive them, realize the end of their teaming, and the aftermath of a love that could never be.
  • Navajo Blood
    – The darkest times in Navajo history began in 1864 and spiraled downward
    until the “Long Walk” and their exile from their homeland. This novel—yes novel—explores the effect of total war upon people through the eyes of a Navajo warrior, his granddaughter, and the legendary frontiersman Kit
  • The Discovery
    – Following two professionals of different generations, joined together by medicine this medical malpractice novel is a joint project of Kraft with Robert S. Goodman, M.D. We have decided not to share the plot at this time. That said, the story is character driven by two men destined to become adversaries. Is the leading player who believes he has suffered harm by malpractice the victim or is the accused the victim? What is reality and what isn’t? What actually happened and what didn’t? Is one a villain due to his actions? Or is the other driven by greed, and as such bent upon destroying a man’s life for personal gain, the villain?



On December 6, 2008, I accompanied Craig Moore (upraised hand), a Sand Creek National Historic Site (Colorado) ranger who helped celebrate the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site’s (Oklahoma) 140th anniversary that month. Earlier that day I spoke about Wynkoop and the Cheyennes, and during a tour of the battlefield that Craig led, he kindly allowed me to add my two cents. When he passed Custer hill without saying a word about Custer’s actions, I said, “Whoa! Whoa, we need to talk about Custer’s command center and what happened.” He allowed me to do this, and then allowed me to fill in a lot of background on the Tsistsistas (the Cheyennes) as we walked the bloody ground. Craig and I aren’t friends, but with the Sand Creek story foremost in my future, he is front and center in my new friend list, as is Jeff Campbell, another ranger at the Sand Creek NHS. (Photo © Leroy Livesay 2008)

But, there’s more—much more—but they won’t yet be featured on the website. Not to worry, for their time is coming, and include:

  • The Final Showdown redux
  • An untitled Ned Wynkoop novel
  • Wynkoop-Cheyenne documentary
  • Pirate Francis Drake (What? Oh yeah—long time coming)
  • A second nonfiction book dealing with Errol Flynn
  • A one-man show or full-length play on Errol Flynn
  • An untitled memoir (Avoid this at all costs, … don’t think so)


Just for the record, articles and talks are ongoing, and aren’t discussed here.

Everyone named in the above lists lived (or still live), and they are all interconnected with one word, “humanity.” They are all interconnected within my brain, and at any given moment any person from the above book topics, or plays, can grab my attention. Not one of them is simply defined, but this isn’t surprising for no human being (living or dead) can be simply defined.

By the way, if I can’t link the pieces of my nonfiction books together with solid and viewable research for anyone who wants to look at it, I’ll never pound the keyboard and create a backstory that never existed. Nor will I create a perfect quotation that was never written/said or a key piece of history that never happened.