Books 2

As the featured image (above) announces two books have been published since 2016, I wanted them, as well as upcoming books to be listed on the Books 2 page. Unfortunately this has been on hold for way too long. However, with the publication of Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway I knew that this had to change … and finally it has.

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The two books in this section are major as they represent a change in what my upcoming books will be.

Pailin & LK standing next to her 2020 M-B (a great road car) just as we completed a quick change after the first of two National Cowboy & Western History Museum Wrangler Awards banquets (from our formal attire to a more western look). Oops, I hadn’t tied my left moccasin when Pailin handed her phone to someone who had just parked for the upcoming book signing (a big deal, and best Pailin was there with me) and asked her to shoot this image. … I know, my 1860 Colt isn’t holstered on my hip (sometimes I have to be “clean cut” or I’ll frighten the potential buyers off). This was a good book signing, for the Sand Creek books were gone within 30 minutes, and Pailin and I were free to have fun. (photo © Pailin Subanna Kraft & Louis Kraft 2021)

The Discovery is a medical-legal thriller, and marks the beginning of much more fiction in LK’s future, while Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway has been the key piece of my Indian wars nonfiction life to date. As former University of Oklahoma Press editor-in-chief Chuck Rankin told me, “It is your masterpiece.” Maybe. This said, it is the most important book that I have written to date. At the same time it represents the end of my current writing life and the beginning of my new nonfiction life deep into the future—the Golden Age of the Cinema, especially Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. This change has been in process since the mid-1990s and its time has arrived. I’m thrilled and hopefully you are also.

Just so you know, my writing (nonfiction, fiction, and everything else that I have written in the past) has been a learning experience. I learn and I grow with all of my writing that sees print or live presentation, with the hope that whatever I publish next will be an improvement over my previous work. As books are currently my only writing future my hope is that my next published book (Errol & Olivia) will show a huge improvement above my Sand Creek book in both my research and writing ability. This is always my goal and will remain so until I no longer walk Mother Earth.




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