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“Black Kettle: The People’s Peacemaker”
True West, February-March 2020

“Geronimo’s Gunfighter Attitude”
Wild West, October 2015

“Wynkoop’s Gamble to End War”
Wild West: August 2014

Wild West’s Top 10: Author Louis Kraft’s Reasons Why Ned Wynkoop Was A Major Player During the 1860s Cheyenne Wars”
Wild West: August 2014

“Must See, Must Read” (Kraft’s comments on five films and books that have influenced his writing) Wild West: August 2014

“The Indian Agency Home of Ned Wynkoop was Recently Built Again at Fort Larned”
Wild West, December 2013

“Five Myths About Ned Wynkoop”
True West: November 2011

“When Wynkoop Was Sheriff”*
Wild West: April 2011
* Western Heritage Wrangler Award (2012)

“Interview with Author-Playwright Louis Kraft”
Wild West: October 2009 (also online: —NO LONGER VALID ADDRESS)

“Custer: The Truth Behind the Silver Screen Myth”
American History: February 2008

“Gatewood, Apache Courts and Justice”
Wild West: August 2006

“Custer, the Little Bighorn and History”
American History: June 2006

“Major Ned Wynkoop listened to his heart and attempted to bring peace to Colorado Territory”
Wild West: December 2003

“Ned Wynkoop, A Hero for the Ages”
America’s War Heroes: March 2002 (one-time issue)

“Author Louis Kraft Follows the Paths of Lieutenant Charles Gatewood and Apache Leader Geronimo”
Wild West: October 2001

“Louis Kraft on Research in the Charles Gatewood Collection in Tucson, Arizona”
Journal of the Indian Wars: July 2001

“Ned Wynkoop and the Explosion on the Pawnee Fork”
Military Heritage: August 2000

“The Image of Errol Flynn”
Films of the Golden Age: Spring 2000

“Errol Flynn–Writer”
Films of the Golden Age: Spring 2000

“Assignment Geronimo”
Wild West: October 1999

“Lieutenant Charles Gatewood’s Civil Difficulties in Arizona Territory Began with Judge Thomas Zuck”
Wild West: October 1999

“Errol Flynn’s Custer and the Test of Time”
Research Review: Summer 1999

“Confrontation on the Sweetwater”
Wild West: October 1998

“Errol Flynn’s George Armstrong Custer”
Persimmon Hill: Spring 1996

“Ned Wynkoop & Black Kettle”*
Research Review: June 1995
* Lawrence A. Frost Literary Award (1996)

“Custer: Separating the Man & the Myth”
Greasy Grass: May 1995

“On Lakota Woman and The Siege at Wounded
Little Big Horn Associates Newsletter: April 1995

“Custer’s March to Destiny”
Little Big Horn Associates Newsletter: July 1992

“Ned Wynkoop’s Early Years on the Frontier”
Research Review: January 1992

“Baseball on the Frontier”
The Roundup Quarterly: Winter 1990

“The Good Ol’ Boys”
True West: June 1990

“The Order: Shoot Them On Sight”
Great Battles: March 1990

“Warriors’ Fierce Battle”
Wild West: February 1990

“The Real Custer”
Research Review: December 1988

“Shoot Them On Sight”
Wild West: October 1988

“Bill Buckner”
Baseball Cards Magazine: March 1988

“From Flatbush To … Our Fondest Memories”
Beckett Monthly: November 1987

“Louis Kraft Picks the Great Bums”
Beckett Monthly: November 1987

“Stats Depict A Toss Up”
Beckett Monthly: November 1987

“Edward Wanshear Wynkoop, A Forgotten Hero”
Research Review: June 1987

“The Phillies Slugger”
Baseball Card News: May 1987

“The Hidden Lure of Canyon De Chelly”
Footprints: May 1986

“Bill Buckner: The Odyssey of a Major League
Baseball Digest: May 1985

“The Duke of Flatbush”
Sports Parade: April 1985

Encyclopedia Articles

“Buffalo Bill”
“Sir Henry Morgan”
Lincoln Homework Encyclopedia, 1990

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