Walking with People

People make my world go round. They make me laugh, they hold me tight and comfort me, they support me, excite me, drive me to create. People … without people—without you—my life wouldn’t exist. People, you are my life … you are the world!


Southern Cheyenne Ivan Hankla (left) & his nephew Jake (right) with lk in Ivan’s fully functional Cheyenne tipi (Washita Battlefield 140th Celebration, December 2008). I had met Ivan at an event at Fort Larned, Kansas, perhaps six or seven years earlier. We hit it off, and became long-distance friends who enjoyed each other’s company whenever we were at the same locale. Not only a friend, he helped me in many ways over the years. I can’t tell you how many peaceful and enjoyable hours I spent in his tipi. I miss him, today and always. (photo © Leroy Livesay 2008; he gave me full permission to use it before his death)

The goal here will be to add sub-pages that are specific to a person or a group of people, such as my daughter or Apache wars writers or Cheyennes or the Mulholland Drive Boys. Ha-ha! Don’t ask, for if I don’t share who they are they may vanish into the mists of time, ne’er to be heard of again. Alas, that is exactly what happened. Some people jump onto something that could be good, but then do not follow through. … Not to worry, this will all be good stuff, no tricks, no hanky-panky (hopefully no hanky-panky), and probably nothing to make you laugh or cringe (if you want to see the juicy stuff, you’ll have to read the blogs, wherein I’ll be the main target). … Western writers, Flynn writers, friends, oh yes—dear friends, you can now exhale slowly and begin breathing normally, for I promise to be on good behavior.

Mr. Johnny D. Boggs, dear-dear friend, I’m speaking to you. I’m a man of peace, … no revolvers at 10 paces, no crossed swords w/deadly intent, … just some good-good-good laughs. Peace to all, and to all a good night.

Wanted … One good woman or man


This image was taken in summer 1982, shortly after I had completed a 135-performance tour playing Miles Hendon in The Prince and the Pauper. I was working out with a group of actors under swashbuckling coach Gary Houston Phillips. The workouts evolved into a number of one-act plays that Gary directed. The lady crossing blades with me is Pati Blankinship. She was an actress but also a nurse to make ends meet. Alas the one-act plays would be performed at night, and as this conflicted with her hours working in a hospital she was forced to drop out during the rehearsal process. Too bad, for she was good with a blade and I liked her. More I would have loved for us to have faced each other with swords in mortal combat on stage. (Photo © Louis Kraft 1982)

I’m looking for a physically fit person who would like to learn stage combat (and possibly competition) with a sabre. I can’t over stress “physically fit,” as working out with a sword is very demanding. Unfortunately, the person needs to live in LA County (or close to it) for they will need to visit me. Hope to begin working out w/someone a couple of days and/or nights per week in mid-May. Will train. … There is a learning curve, but it’s a lot of fun when actually swashbuckling.

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but it is worth repeating here—swashbuckling is like dance. It is by the numbers, and everyone knows exactly what the other person is doing at all times. If someone goes up—that is, forgets where they are in the sequence—everyone reverts to numbers, which dictate exactly what each person is going to do. If this cannot happen for any reason, everyone backs off. Otherwise someone could be hurt.

As you can see from the photo there is no protective gear required, although a gauntlet, knee pads, and elbow pads may be desired (I now wear elbow and knee pads). If we progress to competition, full protective gear would be mandatory.

Oh, I prefer a woman, …  but I’m equal opportunity.

This happened in XXXX when my then girlfriend Diane Moon agreed to cross blades with me. She was physically fit, athletic, and adventurous beyond belief (read into that whatever feeds your fantasies). She was forever for traveling with me throughout the West and on one occasion flying to Paris, France, to get a taste of Paris, spend time in the magnificent art museum, and visit with Olivia de Havilland (whom she first met in 2006 when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences honored her film career and life) in Beverly Hills. The trip also included an Eurorail trip under the English Channel to research the pirate Francis Drake, track Lady Diana and the royal family, enjoy museums, and explore London.


to with me after a dinner party for three at Tujunga House–Diane, great friend and Errol Flynn aficionado. I cooked, as always at home, while Diane always cooked at her townhome. It was a pleasant evening


Unfortunately at the dinner party I hosted in 2013 when I met Pailin, one of
guests insisted upon a sabre demonstration. I acquiesced and promptly frightened the three women present. My lady has been quite firm in that she has no
desire to learn the blade. Still—hope burns eternal.

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